Note to Hollywood:

Stop taking their glasses off! How many times do I have to see a charming bespectacled girl being made "conventionally beautiful" by means of pulling her hair back, putting her in a dress, and taking off her glasses? I like girls with glasses, whether it's stylish or geek-glasses. I think they're very hot. They emphasise the eyes and add a look of intelligence or sophistication (depending on the style and how they're worn.) So leave the glasses-girls alone, Hollywood!

And while on the subject, what's with the pulling back of the hair? Are severe buns supposed to be attractive to me? Am I that far outside the mainstream to fail to see the attraction in this? If there's a ponytail attached, or pigtails, or if the hair's short to begin with, fine. But a bun? How about loose and flowing?

I noticed this in high school dates. If the occasion was anywhere near formal, I'd find a surprise waiting for me when I picked up the girl, in the form of a bun, or strange makeup/perfume -- or in one horrible case, a great big perm. Here's an idea: how about not trying to make yourself look like someone other than the girl I asked out in the first place? That's a rhetorical question, of course. But I'm sure I can't be alone in this sentiment. Perhaps my little rant here might help someone in the long run, and prevent any nasty surprises in dates.